Can eating healthy make you lose weight?

One of the common questions that people who want to lose weight ask is if they can lose weight just by eating healthy. It is a sensible question but does have a simple answer. Cutting down on fatty, sugar foods, processed foods with trans fats, preservatives, and artificial colors out of your diet can improve your overall health. This may also cause you to drop a few pounds in a few weeks. This is a piece of good news for those wanting to lose weight. However, the bad news is that only eating healthy foods can help you to lose weight. You can lose weight by eating healthy, exercising, and staying hydrated.

A healthy diet can help you lose weight, but you must include exercise and stay hydrated. So, we have brought this article to understand which foods can be included in your diet to lose weight.

eating healthy make you lose weight

Some facts about Weight Loss

It wouldn’t have been this enormous industry if losing weight was that easy. There are so many different ways people are trying to lose weight, but it’s all about the four key points:

  • Taking less calorie diet than you can burn
  • Regular cardiovascular exercises.
  • Staying fully hydrated
  • Taking adequate sleep

University of Kansas Medical center recommends that a person should eat at least three times a day plus snacks. Eating according to the method Defined by the University can help to raise the metabolism and take a steady stream of nutrients. In addition, it also assures that you are continuously burning calories. Maintaining the blood sugar level can help you to stave off your sudden cravings and afternoon fatigues.

Healthy eating

Knowing healthy foods to lose weight can help you to take the proper benefit from them.  For eating healthily, you do not need to restrict yourself to rice cakes, water, and Kale. It would help if you enjoyed a variety of healthy meals to lose weight to have a successful weight loss journey. It should not be a punishment for your body. Instead, it should be enjoyed. It would help if you also remembered that no magical foods could melt the fat from your body though some foods are more helpful in burning fat.

Universities also suggest that plenty of fruits and vegetables may help in weight loss as they are low in calories and make you feel full. In addition to that, fruits also allow you to satisfy your cravings for sugar and also help you to stay hydrated. Instead of cheese and crackers, one can go from cheese on a slice of Apple or pear to make it healthier. All the cheeses are a classic pairing with apples. You can also add peanut butter carrot sticks or Jicama slides in hummus for a creamy and crunchy treat.

Scheduled eating for lose weight

The first step is to have a proper routine to have healthy meals to lose weight. According to the University of Utah,  time-restricted feeding is essential for losing weight. You should have a fixed time. You have meals for 24 hours daily. If you have breakfast at 8:00 a.m. and then are at 6:00 p.m. and do not eat anything before or after dinner, that can be a form of restricted feeding.

The idea behind this concept is that you are eating-the-counted amount of Calories and planning healthy meals to get all the nutrition. Fasting for the rest of the time shows that your body is forcing itself to burn the stored fat. This is precisely how your body starts to lose weight while you eat healthy and planned meals. The positive effect of time-restricted feeding is that you can have all your fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains, which are your best bed for weight loss.

When you eat food rich in sugar and calories, the insulin level in your body increases. With the increase in insulin levels, the breakdown of fat is stopped, and the process of forming new fat and storing fat starts.

While fasting, the insulin levels in your body do not increase, and they do not interrupt the fat-loss process going on in your body.

Glucagon is another hormone in your body that regulates fat degradation and deposition in your body. It works as an antagonist to insulin. As the levels of blood sugar are low, they start the process of the breakdown of fat in your body and also stop the cycle of fat deposition in your body.

Final Words

So now you know that healthy foods can help you to reduce your weight, but that should be accompanied by exercising, proper sleep, and staying hydrated.  Before starting your weight loss journey, consider it very important to plan your day and meals. Also, plan your sleeping schedule and exercise schedule. All these things done together will help you to put down your weight significantly.

Can healthy eating help with weight loss?

Yes, healthy eating can be a key factor in achieving weight loss goals. A balanced and nutritious diet that focuses on whole, unprocessed foods can help you feel full and satisfied while also providing your body with the nutrients it needs to function properly.

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