The Carnivore Diet: Exploring its Benefits, Risks, Food and Meal Plan

The Carnivore Diet

The carnivore diet started gaining popularity once again after the famous podcast host, Joe Rogan, discussed it on its podcast. The famous Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson also revealed Carnivore as its diet. His followers have also started calling the Carnivore diet the Jordan Peterson diet.

Usually, the Carnivore diet is not the first choice of diet for different health Enthusiasts. People first try other diets, including failure and ketogenic diets, before they land on a carnivore diet.

Weight loss is a big struggle for a huge number of individuals in different parts of the United States. Carnivore diets provide great opportunities for those individuals to cut carbs and focus on lean protein sources.

Keeping that in mind, we are here to discuss the major benefits of a carnivore diet, its side effects, and how you can use a carnivore diet for weight loss.

What is a Carnivore diet?

A carnivore diet is also known as zero carb diet. Individuals use the Carnivore diet to consume only animal products and exclude all plant-based food items. Meat, egg, fish, and animal fat is going to be the main source of energy.

At the same time, carnivore diet followers also tried to avoid food items like grains, legumes, seeds, vegetables, and nuts.

Before the advent of agriculture, our ancestors used to follow carnivore diets. You can eat any food which either walks, swims, or flies in the Carnivore diet.

The carnivore diet is among the most difficult diets in the world. Organizations like PETA and individuals working in animal care do not like the idea of the Carnivore diet.

What are the major Carnivore diet benefits?

The carnivore diet is becoming more popular since Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan have discussed it on public platforms.

Even though there is limited research available on the effects of a carnivore diet, it’s important for everyone to learn about the benefits of a carnivore diet.

There are two studies that are important to discuss before we move ahead. 

One 2019 study found that a low carbohydrate and high animal protein diet can help individuals struggling with type 2 diabetes to maintain their blood sugar levels. It was a 12-week-long study, but it did not focus on the basics of the Carnivore diet.

There is another study published in 2020 found the effects of a high-protein diet on body composition and metabolic health markers. Individuals in the study followed the diet for 8 weeks and found improvements in body composition and metabolic parameters.

The list of common carnivore diet benefits:

  • Weight loss is one of the biggest benefits of going with a carnivore diet. High protein food items with zero fab and controlled processed food items can easily help you lose body weight.
  • Blood sugar control is also a possible benefit of a carnivore diet. As you eliminate carbohydrates, it helps you stabilize your blood sugar levels and remove the possibility of insulin spikes.
  • The carnivore diet may also help you reduce inflammation. Even though there is limited evidence, a huge number of individuals have been using carnivore diets For the same benefits.
  • Digestive benefits are also part of the list of common benefits of a carnivore diet. A high-protein diet may help you improve your gut health and reduce symptoms like irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Mental clarity is another common benefit of a carnivore diet. Reduction in carbohydrates may help you reduce brain fog, increase energy levels, and improve your mental focus.

These are the common benefits of a carnivore diet. Even if you keep your protein consumption at the highest levels possible and reduce your carb intake, you might experience all these benefits.

The Carnivore Diet

What are the common carnivore diet side effects?

Every diet in the world has some benefits and some drawbacks. A carnivore diet is no different than any other diet as it also has a long list of side effects or drawbacks.

Several healthcare experts have warned the followers of the Carnivore diet about its potential side effects, including nutritional deficiencies and potential gut health risks.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common carnivore diet side effects.

  • Nutritional deficiency is one of the biggest side effects of a carnivore diet. You will limit your consumption of essential nutrients, including fiber and vitamins. Make sure you have thought about that as well.
  • Constipation is another common side effect of the carnivore diet. Lack of dietary fiber may result in an increased frequency of Constipation.
  • Heart disease may also become more common with the followers of the carnivore diet. High consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol from animal sources may result in different heart diseases, including blood pressure and cardiovascular issues.
  • Impact on gut health is another common and possible side effect of the carnivore diet. Excluding natural prebiotic fiber from the diet may result in a lack of diversity and health of the gut microbiome.
  • Increased intake of toxins is another possible side effect of the diet. Different animals, including fish, contain environmental contaminants like heavy metals and pollutants.

These are some of the most common side effects of a carnivore diet. Sustainability is another going to be one of the major issue that may push you to stop your diet.

The carnivore diet is a little bit better than weight loss pills. It is a natural way to lose body weight with minimum side effects and maximum benefits.

It’s not possible for everyone to follow a Carnivore diet due to various reasons, including finance and availability of food. Make sure you have thought about these points as well before you start the Carnivore diet.

Carnivore Diet

Can I use a carnivore diet for weight loss?

Yes, you can use a carnivore diet for weight loss. In fact, a huge number of healthcare experts have started recommending carnivore diets to individuals who are not able to lose body fat due to flexible diets.

There are a number of things that can help you lose body weight with the help of a Carnivore diet. All these benefits seem pretty logical as we all try to follow a diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates to lose body weight.

  • The carnivore diet is low in calories and high in protein. By eliminating carbohydrate calories, you may improve your overall calorie deficit and lose body weight.
  • Reduction in processed food items from your diet meal also helps you lose body weight. Processed food items are usually high in sugar, unhealthy fat, and empty calories, which are not good for your overall health.
  • Less water weight is another benefit of following a Carnivore diet for weight loss. Fewer carbohydrates will help your body hold less water which may result in weight loss as well.

If possible, we highly recommend you follow the Carnivore diet for weight loss. High protein intake will also help you maintain muscle mass and only lose body fat.

Improved muscle mass may also help you avoid loose skin after weight loss journey. Loose skin is a huge issue with individuals who lose around 30 or more pounds of body weight, even with Improved muscle mass.

Improved muscle mass will help your body look more fit and bulky at the same time. For more information, we recommend you consult with your healthcare provider.

What is the common carnivore diet food list?

Carnivore diets usually contain animal-derived products, including meat, fish, eggs, and animal fat. Other than that, you should also make sure you are not consuming any processed food items, including any snacks, cookies, or cakes.

The common carnivore diet food list contains items like:

  • Meat: Beef (including steaks, ground beef, and roasts), pork (including chops, ribs, and bacon), lamb, veal, game meats (such as venison and bison), organ meats (liver, kidney, heart), and poultry (chicken, turkey, duck).
  • Fish and Seafood: Salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout, tuna, shrimp, lobster, crab, and other types of fish and shellfish.
  • Eggs: Chicken eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, and other types of eggs.
  • Animal Fats: Butter, ghee, lard, tallow, and other animal fats.
  • Dairy (optional for some individuals): High-fat dairy products like heavy cream, cheese, and sour cream may be included in small amounts by some people following the carnivore diet. However, many individuals choose to exclude dairy products altogether.

Lastly, if you are buying all these products as food items, you should make sure you are only choosing products that do not contain added sugar, fillers, or unwanted additives.

What does a Carnivore diet meal plan consist of?

Similar to any other diet in the world, the Carnivore diet meal plan is also going to contain 3 or 5 meals a day. We have added a sample Carnivore diet meal plan containing 3 meals and 2 snacks.

You may decrease or increase the portion size in every meal according to your consumption. You should follow a basal metabolic rate calculator to find your required calories for the day.


  • Three scrambled eggs cooked in butter or lard
  • Side of bacon or sausage

Snack 1:

  • Beef jerky or dried meat


  • Grilled chicken thighs with the skin
  • Side of beef bone broth or chicken broth

Snack 2:

  • Hard-boiled eggs


  • Pan-seared steak (such as ribeye or sirloin)
  • Side of organ meat, like liver or kidney

A huge number of individuals do not consume milk in the Carnivore diet as they do not like to consume milk with Meat food items. 

What are the famous carnivore diet snacks?

The carnivore diet is a unique diet, and it makes it difficult for any company to make a carnivore diet snack. Carnivore diets mostly contain animal-derived Meat, and their Snacks are also going to be based on meat.

With other diets come snacks that are not made out of meat or eggs. Even if you take a look at our list of healthy snacks to buy, you will see that most snacks are plant-based.

Still, we have come up with a list of some famous Carnivore diet snacks that will help you improve your experience with the diet.

  • Beef Jerky, made from high-quality, minimally processed beef without added sugars or artificial ingredients, is one of the most common carnivore diet snacks. It’s a convenient and portable snack option that can be purchased from most stores.
  • Hard-Boiled Eggs are Another popular source of protein and healthy fats. You can easily prepare a batch in advance and keep them refrigerated for quick and easy snacking.
  • Pork Rinds are fried or roasted pork skin that becomes crispy and crunchy. The star is among the most popular Carnivore diet snacks and provides a satisfying texture.
  • Sliced Deli Meats like roast beef, turkey, or ham. Opt for options without added sugars or Preservatives are another common carnivore diet snack option. Roll up the slices or eat them as is for a quick and protein-rich snack.
  • Canned Fish, such as sardines or tuna, can be a convenient and nutritious carnivore diet snack option. You can look for varieties packed in water or olive oil without added sugars or sauces.

These are the most common carnivore diet snacks that can help you increase your interest in the diet. Kindly try to avoid consuming any plant-based processed food items, including cakes, cookies, And nuts, in a carnivore diet. 

These food items are not allowed as they are not completely derived from animals.

What should you eat in a carnivore diet?

Carnivore diet focuses on the consumption of animal-based food items, including meat, fish, egg, and animal fat. You should stop other plant-based and processed food items to Improve the intake of animal-based food items.

Can I drink milk on a carnivore diet?

There is no fix to rule on the consumption of her milk on a carnivore diet. As you are allowed to consume animal fat, including butter and lard, a huge number of individuals have been consuming milk for various benefits, including calcium.

Is yogurt allowed on a carnivore diet?

No, yogurt is not allowed on a carnivore diet. Yogurt is derived from milk which contains carbohydrates, and most traditional Carnivore diet followers do not recommend the consumption of yogurt in the diet.

Can you build muscle on a Carnivore diet?

Yes, you can build muscle on a carnivore diet. You have to make sure you are following a great exercise plan which includes regular strength training to build muscle. You should also focus on being in a calorie surplus diet as well.

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